"Personalized Estate Planning Services for People with small to moderate sized Estates"

Jocelyn Wong-Rolle

Food For Thought:

Everyone should think about who can help them in their time of need. 

  • Family? 
  • Friends? 
  • A long time professional contact?
  • A professional fiduciary?  (Member of PFAC?  Professional Fiduciary Association of California) PFAC

Will the person know what your values are?  Will they make the same or similar decisions to yours?  Will they be responsible?  Caring?  Competent?  Can you trust them?  Are they local or nearby?  Able and willing to travel to come help you?  Are they knowledgeable about your situation?  If they are helping you with finances are they familiar with your assets?  Can they manage your investments and business? 
If they are to help you with your healthcare decisions have you discussed the issues with them?  Or better yet do you have a written healthcare directive?  If you are faced with a terminal illness have you considered what you want?  What treatments you want and for how long?  Where you want to live your last days and how? 
Do you want any particular religious or spiritual persons, services or rites if you are ill or dying?

Some things you may want to be familiar with:
POLST (Physician’s order for life sustaining treatment) Your wishes, spelled out and signed by your Physician regarding what treatments you do and do not want.  This bright pink paper needs to be readily assessable, preferably on your bed and clearly visible.  POLST

California Medical Association Emergency Medical Services pre hospital do not resuscitate (NDR) Form  California Medical Association

California Medical Association Healthcare Directive  Healthcare Directive

Kaiser Advanced Health Care Directive and Optional Four page supplement  Kaiser

Article by Dr. Ken Murray, “How Doctors Die: It’s not like the rest of us, but it should be”  "How Doctors Die"